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Watches: What’s What in the World of Horology

When you shop for a timepiece online, it’s imperative to know you’re buying more than a wrist accessory before you click add to cart and checkout, in particular, if you’re buying a watch as a gift because people aren’t always agreeable on what’s hot and what’s not. It's like fine-art - very personal.

The majority of manufacturers take the lead on innovation from some of the industry’s best-known brand names including:

  • Rolex: The first company to release waterproof watches. Watches from other manufacturers followed, leading to the now popular and specialist diving watches collection.
  • Seiko: The first company to release mass-produced Quartz watches. Watches in the mainstream market are now almost all powered by the same technology.
  • Swatch: The first watch brand to release automatic mechanical watches. Watches nowadays, although this type is more popular, only a few watch brand companies are known to produce these reliably, and the ones that are favoured, are handmade.


Handcrafted watches are the go-to choice for aficionados of genuine timepieces, rather than those who view watches as dress pieces because the real appreciation is for the precision engineering going on behind the dial.

In the sense of innovation and design trends, the industry operates similarly to the fashion industry. A few leading brands pave the way with innovation and design, then other brands follow-suit, pick up on the technology and implement it in different ways.

The more you know about timepieces, and the watch brand behind them, the more knowledgeable you’ll become, which puts you in a better position to invest in the right type and styles of watches, rather than randomly clicking add to cart buttons on various websites, amassing a collection with relatively few really ticking with you.

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Watches Can be The Most Romantic Timepiece Gift For Couples

For gift-buyers, watches can be both a form of jewelry and an expression of how intimately you know your partner. As previously mentioned, watches are much more than jewellery. Especially for men. Men and women view watches differently, but that’s not meant to be stereotypical because women who love technology and engineering, will find the mechanics and intricacy involved in watchmaking fascinating.

It’s not the look of watches that counts. It’s what’s inside that matters. You’ll have heard that phrase before, mostly in the sense of relationship advice, but for watches, that phrase really does hold true. There’s no two-ways about it - the quality of every collection of watches is measured on what's behind the dial. Not how many jewels are fitted in the clock face, or the length of a stainless-steel strap.

Elegant and beauty are part of the design, but the mechanics that make the watch work is where the true appreciation lies.

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The Best Watch Category

The Automatic Mechanical Watch

Automatic mechanical watches are the ultimate in innovation as you literally only ever need one. These are designed to last forever. Unlike the traditional mechanical watches - which is the first-ever timepiece invention - the automatic mechanical variation is that you never need to wind it. For anyone to have owned a mechanical watch in the past and found themselves exerting a little too much pressure, chances are, it needed to be repaired.

The automatic doesn’t because the life of it relies on kinetic energy to power it and that’s done through motion. These are powered by the swing of the arm and there’s no stopping mechanism so it can never be over-wound.

The real beauty of this timeless classic is the silent operation similar to a manual mechanical. The second-hand moves smoothly and swiftly with precision for 60-seconds, never stopping or ticking. The only time this will stop is when it’s not worn. These can be worn when you like, such as for a special occasion to add an air of luxury and class, put back in storage, and spring back to life when it’s put on the wrist. Other types, other than self-winding, would likely need the battery replaced.

Automatic mechanical watches are among the best investment in any collection, and when engineered by a quality watch brand... will last for generations. These also make for excellent heritage timepieces to pass down to the next generation. It’s also the most likely style of watch to appreciate in value, in particular when it crosses the threshold from luxury and a prestige collection into the more valuable collection of vintage watches.

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An Insight into Complications

In horology terms, a complication only refers to any other feature in addition to keeping time. Those are complications. They aren't a flaw in products so they aren't what you’d typically associate as a complication that would otherwise need you to reach customer support for a solution. These can be good depending on the intended wearer as they provide additional functionality.

The more complications a watch has, regardless of the category, be it different styles like unisex, men's, women's, or a limited edition collection, the sale price of products will reflect the additional mechanics and engineering put into the details behind the dial. On items with multiple complications, you will find the price increases. As a customer, it's best to know what you need and avoid the complications that don't add useful functionality.

Pay attention to the details of any description as a quality watch brand and retail sellers will be transparent in the details because the functionality is more important than the design aesthetics. Styles can be changed by replacing straps but a customer can't alter the mechanics without voiding the warranty. In terms of warranty inclusions, it is the complications that are covered by the manufacturer warranty, whereas the components such as watch straps may be guaranteed by sellers or a particular watch brand.

If you're unsure about anything relating to a purchase, whether it's brand related, price, warranty or functionality, email customer support at . Our customer service team is available to respond by email between business hours: Mon - Thu: 9 am - 5 pm, and 9 am to 2 pm on a Friday.

The Date Complication

The date complication is the one viewed as the most complicated feature of all the traditional dials. The reason being, under the clock face, the dials need to be huge, in relation to the tiny space they can fit into. A non-digital clock face requires two dials. The first with numbers or numerals one through to three, the other larger wheel containing the numbers one through to nine to represent each date combination for every day of a month. As the size of the dial needs to fit within such a tiny space, the result is smaller digits that can be difficult to see.

That said, regardless of the size of the numbers, it is an aesthetic design that’s integrated into the dial display. For some aficionados of timepieces, it’s a deal-breaking feature when the design ruins the aesthetics of what could otherwise be a gorgeous dial.

Date complications are mostly located at the 3 o’clock position. You can find them located differently though. If you need a larger date display, the most prominent area of the dial design will be the top at the 12 o’clock position as it has more display area in that location, whereas the center-right or center-left position requires the date display to take up less than half the diameter of the dial to prevent it interfering with the hand rotations.

For bottom positioned date displays, those are often subsidiary dials.

Full calendar clock faces are a more advanced complication as within the same confined space of the dial, there can be three complications used for a triple calendar display showing the day, month, and year. The most advanced in this category are the perpetual calendar watches. These are rear but you should understand that because of the nature of date displays using dials, a  traditional perpetual calendar will need correcting at the end of each century so for watches bought just now, they’ll work until 2100, after which the calendar function will need to be corrected.

As an online shop, we do our utmost to ensure you, as our customer, can view our watch collection in its entirety. Should you have any difficulty viewing the realistic size of the date aperture  window to show the date complication, you can try using the zoom function on your browser or smartphone, or email our customer service team for the precise aperture opening measurements so you know what you'd be putting in your shopping bag to avoid any surprises.

Travel Complications

A travel complication introduces more than one time zone to the dial. The simplest travel complication is what’s referred to as World Time Zone watches. Similar to a chronograph with a tachometer etched around the outer casing, on World Time Zone watches, the tachometer is instead an outer bezel that makes one full rotation every 24-hours. The outer bezel is often marked with the names of the countries with each set one hour apart to account for all 24 time zones around the world. These won’t work to tell the exact time in countries that only differ in 30-minutes to 45-minute increments though.

A dual movement complication shows the time in two different time zones. Both time displays are powered independently, making them ideal for frequent international travelers. One dial can remain set to their home time zone, the other for the time zone they’re traveling too.

GMT (abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time) watches have two displays, one having an independent hour hand and would be more suited to traveling throughout a continent, such as backpacking across Europe as the hour hand works independently from the GMT dial. Watches described as having a GMT with a fixed hour hand, means it has a second hour hand and this is used to tell the difference between midnight and noon. The fixed hour hand moves at one-revolution per day to represent PM and AM.

If you shop online for a gift, take into account if the recipient travels, and if so, the countries they travel to and from. Each description for our products explains the items feature prominently in the description and it is recommended to review these details before you add to cart and proceed to checkout to ensure you are ordering the right type of dial for your needs, taking into account the time zones the dials need to be compatible with. Any difficulties pre or post checkout, email customer support for assistance.

Miscellaneous Complications

Power Reservoir

The power reservoir is exclusive to mechanical wristwatches (non-automatic) as they show how long the watch will run before it needs to be wound. Power reserves on mechanical wristwatches can last as long as 10-days before needing a wound. Other types that hold less tension may need winding once per day, sometimes more frequently. The power reservoir display will either be shown in numbers for hours or days. Naturally, mechanical watches with power reservoir displays in days will be able to last longer without needing a wound frequently.

The Moonphase Complication

For some, the moonphase is another feature that cosmetically enhances the aesthetics of the dial. Others prefer the extra work that goes into the engineering behind the moonphase complication. In it’s simplest form, it’s just another dial. In reality, it’s a very detailed dial. The majority use a 59-toothed wheel containing a full moon that’s driven by the hour wheel. The only time the moon becomes visible within the aperture of the clock face is once every 29.5 days. Given the variations to moon cycles and calendar months, a 59-toothed wheel needs corrected roughly every 2.5 years.

Upper market brands including Patek Phillipe and Lange & Söhne have integrated moonphase watches with 135-toothed wheels that represent the moon cycles more accurately for longer, requiring corrections only once every thousand years minimal.

The moon display on watches can take up a fair amount of space, so you’ll find these mostly with wider dials of 34 mm and upwards, although there are some of the women's watches with slimmer designs.

Tip: When you shop for a moonphase complication feature, pay attention to the aperture size.  Some add larger windows with enhanced graphics to add to the dial aesthetics, whereas another watch brand may not use the color of the night sky with a golden moon. Design details differ greatly among the various brands producing these types of wristwatches with some being limited editions of products with an authenticity certificate provided to guarantee it is an authentic original from a limited editions collection.

The Alarm Complication

Alarm functions are common on digital watches and Quartz powered watches, but you’ll rarely find these in mechanical watches. The first mechanical watches with an alarm was made by Eterna around 1910. It wasn’t until some three decades later that the next release, (and with more sophisticated engineering), produced a better performing watch.

The now-famed Cricket by Vulcain, otherwise referred to as the President’s watch as Vulcain has a tradition since 1947 of gifting these to US President’s as inauguration gifts.

The Simpler Battery Powered Quartz Watches

Quartz powered watches can look very similar to mechanical watches on the front, but inside, it’s really just a battery powering a Quartz crystal, which serves as an oscillator, powering all the functions of Quartz watches.

The first wristwatch using Quartz crystals was made by Seiko. Because of the lower costs associated with manufacturing these watches, the Asian market dominated the industry, causing a decline in Swiss Watches, which are traditionally handmade, which is why Swiss Watches are generally more expensive. However, even today, despite heavy reluctance, Swiss brands do use Quartz technology to release some of their mainstream watches at a more affordable price, rather than solely catering to the luxury timepiece industry.

Swiss Quartz Watches are more of an affordable luxury watch nowadays.

Prior to Quartz watches, all mechanical watches had a continuously sweeping second hand. On a Quartz timepiece, this is replaced with the ticking sound and that’s because of how they work. You can never get a truly silent Quartz powered watch.

If you what you need are brands that provide affordable luxury, Quartz is the feature to shop for rather than any type of mechanical, as Quartz products look more expensive than they are and some can keep the time more accurately too.

On a Quartz wristwatch, a battery provides an electric current to the Quartz crystal causing it to vibrate at an exact frequency of 32,768 times/second. There's a microchip used in place of a tuning fork and from the current provided at the exact vibrations from the crystal, the microchip releases an electric pulse each second. It's that pulse per second that causes the second hand on a Quartz to stop and move each second, which is why you hear the classic tick, the same as you do in a conventional wall clock.

In terms of functionality, as there’s less mechanical parts involved in Quartz watches, you can find some watches with surprising features. These can range from heart rate monitors on digital watches to fully functional alarms, GPS technology, and a lot more. Just because the technology is rather old, doesn’t mean the manufacturers are making the same products from six decades ago. The technology remains the same, just feature enhanced.

Understanding the Mechanical Functions of Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches can look tremendously sophisticated, with stainless steel straps of varying thicknesses, however, there’s only one additional function to the date complication and that’s a stopwatch. Not all chronographs are equal and the real difference comes down to the precision of watches, which can be right down to the split-second.

Breitling was the first brand to introduce the two-button chronograph in 1923 and other watchmakers followed suit mainly because it’s a super useful function.

Flyback chronograph watches are better for measuring split-second accuracy. The intention behind this innovation was to help pilots so when you see these described as a pilot watch, it’s referring to the split-second accuracy of the chronograph.

Another type of chronograph complication is the three-button design, and the dial will also have four pointers to represent the hour, minutes, seconds, and the split-second.

The addition to split second chronographs led to another design innovation with the addition of an etched bezel around the outer perimeter of the dial casing. This is referred to as a tachometer and it’s only found on chronograph watches. Some brands have fixed tachometers, others can be rotated. Both are used to measure speed by using the time to calculate speed.

A tachometer technically isn’t a complication as the complications are the chronograph dials with the tachometer added to the design of the watch case.

All chronographs do a good job of measuring time to the split second, but if what you need is absolute precision, the term for watches that have been certified for precision timing is a chronometer.

Other Types of Watches

Military Watches

Military watches are also referred to as tactical wristwatches as they’re mostly made of tough material, and there are smart military watches suited to mountaineering and diving. You’ll generally find the watch manufacturers or sellers label these types by the sports they’re suited to as that will help the customer differentiate between a Quartz military watch and a digital military device with GPS and other handy features to have for outdoor pursuits.

On a traditional Quartz watch, the main mechanical difference is the pause of the second hand every second. The military introduced the Quartz mechanics in the early 1800’s as it gave military squads the ability to synchronize time by stopping and setting their watches at the same time. On a Mechanical watch, synchronization is impossible.

In today’s market, military watches are more suited to any outdoor pursuit that requires a robust build as military wristwatches are constructed to withstand tough environments including harsh weather conditions. You’ll find some of these types of watches are waterproof to a specified depth and for a certain duration, such as 30-minute water resistance, which can be ideal for those who forget to take their wristwatch off before jumping in the shower.

Diving Watches

Dive watches are designed for underwater activities and are mostly needed by scuba divers. Any brand of dive watches will be water-resistant to a minimum depth of 100 meters. More advanced models are water-resistant to 200 meters. The majority of these models will have a higher luminosity ensuring good visibility in the darkest of conditions, and similar to tachometers on chronograph watches, you can find divers watches with rotating bezels that show the diver how long they’ve been underwater for, which helps them to know how much air they have left in their tank before they need to come back up to the surface.

On the most advanced diving watches, helium escape valves are provided, which adds to the lifespan of the item.

Shop for all styles of diver watches for men and women and add to cart with the simplicity of a single-click...Free shipping and financing options available. The customer support team are among the most informed in the sellers market and are available by email to answer any questions you have. Email our customer support at: support[at]

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are by their definition, worn as a fashion accessory, however, in the watch industry, that definition is blurry because a lot of upmarket and boutique brands will put a heavy emphasis on the design and the functionality, while not scrimping on the mechanics of the timepiece.

Fashion watches can be both formal and informal so it can be difficult to tell which watch would be ideal for everyday use and which would be better suited for formal occasions only.

The simplest way to tell the difference between luxury watch brands and a fashion watch is by the brand name behind it. A brand that focuses specifically on watchmaking will be upmarket whereas other brands profiting from other fashion accessories, which aren’t exclusive to the watch industry are - broadly speaking - fashion lines.

Examples of brands with fashion watches include Superdry (fashion brand), Ted Baker (fashion brand), Tommy Hilfiger  (fashion designer), and Timberland (footwear).

In the mid-range of fashion watches are brands like Nixon, which focuses on affordable lifestyle products.

Watch brands focused exclusively on watchmaking with very little other accessories in their product line will focus more on the engineering going into the watches, along with the design rather than focusing exclusively on the aesthetics, which is what give certain brands an air of exclusivity to them. These are watches designed and manufactured from leading names including Raymond Weil, Rolex, Timex (one of the most affordable watch brands with good aesthetics for multiple occasions) and Seiko.

Montret make it easy to shop online for every brand of wristwatches, including each of the brands mentioned above. Whatever style, color, size, or funtionality, you can easily shop the Montret collection to find your perfect match, at the best price and with free shipping across the US, with friendly support available by email during business hours.


Smartwatches are part of the wearable tech industry and are considered more technology than they are watches. You’ll find these sold by technology companies with very few jewelers getting in on the trend as unlike traditional watches, repairs are more difficult to do on technology devices than they are on traditional wristwatches. The only comparable technology in a smartwatch to a conventional one is the battery used to power them.

Some will have the conventional pointers for the clock face but most are digital and use LCD display screens. All smartwatches have more functionality than conventional watches as they are a computer in the style of a wristwatch. Similar to your smartphone, you can add multiple apps to a smartwatch to add even more functionality to them thanks to the tiny microchips and digital storage.

Whilst smartphones are sold mainly by technology sellers, you can find the vast majority will have replaceable straps, similar to that of conventional watches. Replacement straps may be exclusive to the brand but in the majority of smartwatches, the straps are only limited by the size and replacement watch straps are available in multiple widths ranging from 18 mm right up to 44 mm with the standard sizes rising incrementally by 2 mm variations.

When you shop at, we stock watches in every category, from the budget fashion watches, right through to the premium luxury watch brands. You can browse by style, find watches for men, and for women, click add to cart, go through the reviews of the various features and at checkout, delete what you want, only keeping the perfect watch in your shopping bag then checking out with ease.

All our watches are sold at an unbeatable price, with free-shipping and backed by unparalleled customer support!

The Aesthetics and Changeable Aspects on Watches

Perhaps one of the neatest aspects of every style of watch is that you can always make them feel and look new by switching the straps. Since the launch of Apple iWatches, the interchangeable straps market has increased in popularity, because it lets the customer completely change the look and comfort level of any wristwatch.

The only thing you need to measure is the width of the shoulder on the watch interface, or the length of the spring-bar holding the strap in place.

Both men's watches and women's watch straps are available and can be purchased at multiple locations, including fashion stores, online marketplaces, artisan markets, as well as some being exclusive to the jewelry industry with straps designed for luxury, comfort, and resilience.

Replacement straps can be purchased at multiple e-commerce stores online with the simple click on an add to cart button on any watch strap you’d like to try.

Montret has a range of replacement straps suited to the majority of watches, including for the larger 46mm steel band to fit Samsung Galaxy watches.

Regardless of the type of watch you have, you’ll be able to customize it to your style of strap, whether that’s a bold fabric design, an alligator grain genuine leather, or a stainless steel strap.

Checkout the Montret collection of replacement straps/bands to find a color, style, and material to suit you.

How to Change the Straps on Watches

The crucial measurement you need to know is the width of your existing strap because you cannot fit a 40 mm watch strap to a spring-bar half that dimension. The maximum width of the strap will be the width of the watch shoulders, located at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position.

On the vast majority of watch brands, it’s spring-bars that are used to hold the straps in place. This also makes it super easy for the customer to change the watch strap. The only tool you need is either a really-small flat-headed screwdriver or, if you’re going to be investing in multiple straps to possibly change your style every day, you may want to invest in a spring bar removal tool to make the job a whole lot easier and faster.

Before attaching a new watch strap, take advantage of the only time you’ll have to give your watch face a good cleaning. For everyday watches, they can get grimy behind the spring-bars and on the back-plate. These are easier to clean thoroughly once the straps are removed.

After cleaning the entirety of the watch, then feed the spring-bars through each of the replacement bands and re-attach the spring-bars to your watch. Simply insert one end of the spring bar into the watch case and use a flat-headed screwdriver or your spring-bar tool to push the spring-bar inward, just enough that it slips into the insert on the watch casing.

To avoid a second go around, make sure you put the strap on the right way, not upside down or the longer-length strap to the opposite side, resulting you in wearing your watch upside down. The strap with the fastener goes at the top of the watch with the longer strap attached to the bottom of the clock face.

Maintenance Guide for Each Style of Watch

Manual Watch Maintenance

Manual watches are the best wound daily to ensure there’s always enough tension in the springs to keep the mechanisms powered for the rest of the day.

When turning the crown of the watch, stop winding when you feel any level of resistance. The most common repair needed on a manual watch is the setting mechanism caused by over-winding a mechanical watch.

Automatic Watch Maintenance

Automatic watches still need a little winding on occasion, just not daily. If you wear the watch every day, you should only need to wind it twice monthly. Worn only occasionally, wind it twice weekly to keep it ticking over. Always remember, an automatic mechanical watch relies on wrist movement as the mechanisms are powered by kinetic energy. When there’s no motion, there’s only stored power so watches not worn regularly will need manually wound.

Similar to a manual mechanical, powering the watch takes in the region of 20 to 40 rotations to power the watch up. Once running, you won’t need to rotate the crown as much, but you will still need to wind it on occasion to ensure it has enough stored power to keep the functioning of the mechanisms.

If your automatic has a screw-down crown on it, the function is to maintain a level of water resistance so once wound, be sure to tighten the screw to maintain the watches' structural integrity against water ingress.

Best Practice for Setting the Date Complications

The date complications can be tricky three hours either side of midnight. A best practice is to set the date before 9 pm, or after 3 am to give the gears plenty of time before they rotate to the next setting.

Maintaining Quartz Watches

Quartz watches require very little maintenance as the only thing that needs to be done is the occasional battery replacement. The lifespan on the battery of watches is dictated by the functionality of the watch. A single dial watch can last as long as three years on a battery, whereas a triple dial chronograph watch may need the battery replaced annually.

Whenever the watch runs out of power, the battery should be removed, whether you have a replacement battery or not. Leaving a dead battery inside a Quartz watch poses a risk of battery leakage possibly damaging the mechanical components.

Maintaining Water Resistance

Water-resistant watches are not an absolute protection against water ingress as the level of protection provided is reliant on seals and gaskets being maintained. There are various parts of a water-resistant watch that will wear over time, and faster the more they’re submerged in water. If you regularly use your watch underwater, it’s advisable to have it serviced annually. Any sign of oxidation or condensation on the dial is a sign of worn parts, and it should be serviced to replace these before submerging the watch in water again.

Checks to Conduct Frequently on Water-Resistant Watches

  • Ensure the crown is pushed firmly in place before submerging in water, or in the case of screw-downs, that the crown is flush to the watch casing.
  • The watch will need cleaned as soon as possible after being submerged in salt water or chlorinated water to get rid of the chemicals.
  • For diver watches with an outer bezel, this should be rotated to get rid of debris accumulation, which can lead to damage if it gets into the inner parts of the watch.

Important Things to Remember about All Types of Watches

  • Magnetic fields interfere with watch components

Anything with a magnetic field can cause a watch to fail. Most internal components are metal, including the needle points on the face of the dial. Magnetic resistance will pull the dial in different directions causing your watch to show the wrong time. This type of damage requires demagnetization by a qualified repair service.

  • Any chemical exposure can damage parts

Every watch, whether mechanical or Quartz, has multiple moving parts, all of which can be damaged by chemicals, including the straps and sealers. Avoid direct contact with any chemicals.

  • Temperature fluctuations can affect the time accuracy of a watch.

The majority of watches fair well under normal temperatures, above 0oC and below 60oC. Temperatures outside those ranges can cause timekeeping errors. Some watches are designed for more extreme temperature fluctuations, such as military watches as those are engineered to cope with some of the most extreme outdoor conditions, including skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering.

How to Make Huge Savings on Watch Straps

The ease of changing straps makes it extremely affordable to invest in one watch and give it a new lease of life anytime you feel like a change, rather than feeling the need to shop for a watch suited to the occasion you intend to wear it.

For fashion watches, you’re definitely going to find things a lot more affordable with a range of straps with different designs, some suited for everyday wear, others more suitable for fitness activities and the one or two upmarket genuine leather with a crocodile grain to transform a fashion accessory into a completely new watch and with an increased value perception.

As a new customer at, we offer amazing discounts when you register a new account with us. The upside of having an account is you can use the add to cart function on anything you feel like buying, without actually buying it. The items you add to cart stay in your shopping cart until you delete them, which means you can save the items you like, and delete the ones you don’t.

Spreading Payments on Branded Watches and Watch Accessories

As a customer of Montret, in addition to the savings offered exclusively to new customers and multiple rewards for existing customers, we also have financing options available on select items.

All products with financing available are marked prominently above the add the cart button on each products so you know you can spread the cost over affordable monthly payments.


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