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Are Gold Watches Too Flashy?

Most people have differing opinions about gold watches. Some people think gold watches are flashy, while others view them as upper class and a major indicator of wealth. Many people who love this expensive metal still shun gold timepieces, simply because they don't want to draw too much attention to themselves. But are gold watches too flashy? We'll answer this question by examining various trends and history.

Popular Yet Scorned

Since 2010, the Columbia Business School has discouraged its first-year students from using gold watches. The school mandates that gold watches take away from learning by introducing class distinctions among students. All students are encouraged to wear silver watches instead to provide an even playing field with students' first impressions judged based on merit rather than on wealth. This is just one example showing that some people believe that gold jewelry and in particular, gold watches are brash and showy. In spite of this stigma, gold watches are as popular as they have always been. The important thing to know about gold watches is that garish watches are often disliked, but classy and subtle gold watches are respected by most people. In fact, a gold watch is actually a sign of class and distinction.

You may think to yourself, "why do people scorn something they can't afford? After all, if one deserves it, don't hesitate to get it". Most people prefer to blend in and usually think that fitting into their social circle is better than standing out, which rules out bling type gold watches for many wealthy people. Using something you really like is actually an indicator of social and mental courage.

Design Matters

For some people, watches are not jewelry but instead a complementary and necessary part of their attire. This is why they wouldn't want to wear a watch that is made entirely of gold as it flaunts like jewelry and calls unwanted attention. But contrary to what most people think, a gold watch does not have to be flashy. In fact, there's a middle ground. 

When it comes to choosing a gold watch, design is a very important factor to consider. You just have to make sure that it looks demure and sophisticated. Fortunately, most gold watch models are simple and elegant. As Leonardo Da Vinci put it, 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.

When Should You Wear A Gold Watch? 

A tasteful gold watch can be worn on various occasions, particularly when they involve dress attire. Weddings, parties, formal occasions are great examples of when to wear a gold watch as these usually have no physical activity (sweat from physical activities are generally not good for metal watches and gold watches tend to have delicate inner compositions) and are not too casual.

Is it the love for the shiny metal or the exhilaration of wearing something expensive that interests you? The answer to these questions determine what kind of gold watch you get.


There are many different types of gold watch wearers, and it's always a good idea to find out which you are. When you're buying a watch made with precious metals, you should probably factor in your lifestyle and choices. Are you very physically active? Do you attend a lot of formal occasions for work or for leisure? Does the accuracy of your watch matter to the second or do you not mind if it's off by a few seconds? Do you think you deserve an expensive timepiece?

If you're a collector of watches, you may want to add an expensive watch to your list. If you are close to your retirement, you have undoubtedly hit a major milestone. A gold watch can be used to mark the occasion. In fact, most people are given one when they are nearing retirement. In such a situation, an expensive timepiece is not a sign of extravagance. 

Many first-time watch buyers prefer gold timepieces because they do not want to mess around with cheap metals. They go straight for this distinctive metal. No matter how we view it, this choice certainly reflects sophisticated taste. 


From an investment perspective, buying a gold watch is a somewhat OK investment. A gold timepiece will usually hold its value, even if it doesn't keep getting more expensive over the years. If you want to sell your watch after a few years, you will usually have to sell it at the same or a lower price. Gold is gold, no matter how old it is.


Perception is undoubtedly a roadblock to purchasing a gold watch. Gold is money, literally. Some collectors tend to avoid gold timepieces, and there are valid reasons for that attitude. If you own a business, you may worry that your clients will take your flashy gold watch into consideration when they negotiate a contract with you.

And if you are a relatively low-level employee, you may worry that your boss will think you are getting too much money. You may not like a gold watch if you despise being the center of attention. 

But here is another strong point. Although a gold watch screams success, there is little chance that people will pay too much attention to your watch and figure out its value. You may have noticed that most people take very little notice of what you wear. The same psychology is at work here. 

You have to be a bit strategic to tackle the issue of perception. If your budget allows, consider buying a Platinum timepiece. Most people are unable to identify platinum, as they often think it is steel. If you are a person who values your personal preferences over criticism from others, there is really no reason why you should avoid using a gold watch. 

Are gold watches too flashy? No, they are not. But even if you think they are, you can decide not to wear it in an important meeting or in your workplace. But by no means bury your desire for a gold timepiece.  

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of people who wear gold watches these days. You don’t have to be super-rich to own a gold timepiece. Wearing an expensive watch has little to do with exhibitionism. Rather, it is a sign of good taste. When you know who you are, you should follow your gut and get what works for you.

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