About Montret

Committed to fashion and obsessed with design, Montret is an upscale online shopping experience that offers a carefully curated collection of brand names and authentic designer items for the most discerning and dedicated fashion-forward individuals – and all at incredibly affordable prices.

Since 2018, Montret has offered deep discounts on some of the hottest brands, including luxury watches, designer apparel, and on-trend accessories.  Offering stunning bags, apparel, jewelry, shoes, watches, and accessories from both designer and stand-out brand names, Montret delivers tremendous value, incredible upscale items, and unparalleled service.

Offering incredible discounts and remarkable products, Montret is a unique online boutique unlike any other.  At Montret, we believe that every woman deserves a stunning piece of jewelry or a killer designer bag that makes her feel like a million dollars, trendy clothing that makes her feel like a queen, and exquisite accessories that make her feel like a boss.  We believe every man deserves an incredible watch that makes him feel stylish and powerful, and modern apparel that makes him stand out in a crowd.  No matter the mood, no matter the moment – Montret believes that everyone deserves to indulge themselves with luxurious apparel, jewelry, watches, and accessories without paying full retail price.  Our commitment to offering the latest and greatest in fashion at unbelievably low prices is matched only by our passion for delivering superior customer service and support to our clients.  We believe that fashion has no limitations, and as such, should be accessible and affordable. 

In other words, Montret is the high-end, upscale, affordable brand name online shopping experience you’ve always dreamed of.

At Montret, we are a committed community of design and fashion lovers. We understand the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of finding an incredible piece to add to your collection, and the exhillerating feeling of getting something so posh at a deep discount.  We understand the excitement that comes from finding the perfect signature item to bring a look together, and we fully appreciate the unmitigated delight that comes when getting an incredible deal on a brand name item.  Montret is committed to doing the hard work of finding and cultivating this incredible collection and delivering these incredible designs at remarkably discounted prices.  With a passion for customer service and satisfaction, we’ll do all the hard work – you just enjoy the fashion.