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How To Choose A Watch For A Woman

It's common for men to give gifts to their women. You might also be in need of choosing a watch for your friend or yourself. Women are fond of watches, they mostly use them to step up their look and also for time purposes. Due to the keen attention to the look of a watch, most women are choosy on the watch they can wear. So, if you're not ready to give a gift that shall rot somewhere in a wardrobe, equip yourself with the below tips on how to choose a watch for a woman.

Does It Fit With Her Skin Tone?  

As we claimed earlier, looks matter a lot here. A watch whose color matches your skin tone shall fit in to step up your overall look. Check the decorations in case you need a casual watch, do they match your skin tone and your clothes also? If you're aiming at getting a watch for the office, a minimalist watch that matches your skin tone shall be the best. 

How do you determine skin tone?  

In case you're having trouble determining your skin tone, then here is how to determine your skin tone. There are two types of skin tones, cool and warm. People with warm I'm in tones have green veins that can be observed on their veins. Those with a cool skin tone have bluish veins, the type of watch you choose should match your skin tone. 

Ladies with a cool skin tone shall look great in silver, white gold case, or stainless steel. This shall sync with cool skin tones to step up the looks. For warm skinned women, golden or rose gold watches shall better match their skin tone and improve their looks.  

How To Choose a Watch For a Woman - The Straps  

Women are always in fashion. A strap is a conspicuous part of the watch on your wrist, it's design and shading matters a lot. Still, women fashion involves a lot of colors, to easily have a watch fit for this, go for one with changeable straps. The steps come in different colors, therefore, such a watch shall be handy with whatever color of clothes you're to wear. 

Choose a bracelet watch with a bracelet that matches your skin tone. Getting a watch that has the same as the case. Generally, the strap should March with your fashion for the day, your heels, or the bag. 

Consider the movement of a watch  

A watch should be moving properly for full functionality. Though most women don't give much attention to the movement, it's important that you do this. There are two types of watch movements, that is, mechanical and quartz movements.

Watches with the mechanical movement have more craftsmanship and technical details. For ladies who love the technical details, this shall work well. However, mechanical movement watches are more wanting to maintain compared to quartz watches. A mechanical watch shall need constant winding or a watch winder in case of automatic ones.

Quartz watches on the other hand are the easiest to maintain. All you need is to change the batteries once after 2-3 years. Quartz movement watches are accurate and less expensive compared to mechanical.  

The Preference According To Type 

If for instance, you plan to gift a watch to a woman, consider what their normal life is like. Does she spend most of the time in office, does she visit the gym or is she a fashion enthusiast? After confirming such details, you can closely relate the type of watch a woman might need. Here are some of the common types: 

Fashion watches for women

These are designed to stand out and are carefully detailed. Most at times, they come as bracelet watches. The strap includes a decorated bracelet. These are a good choice for women when going on vacation or such other casual events. 

Sports watches for women  

For work-out reasons, women need a specialized watch for sports. Sports watches are designed to survive the sweat expected during work out. Therefore, they are made of waterproof materials such as rubber. They also have other features such as heartbeat monitors and so on. This can be a great choice for sporty women.  

Casual watches for women  

Casual watches are the kind of watches you can wear anywhere from the house to the market and such places. They are usually characterized by leather straps and broad faces that clearly display the time. So, when you want to keep cool all the time, a casual watch is something to do.

Age is something important to consider  

The age of a woman shall define her preferences. Get your teenage daughter a fashionable timepiece of her favorite color, this is the best for teenagers. Your mother shall appreciate a rose gold watch with a small face. Remember to match the color to and material to their skin tone.

The brand   

Now the brand matters a lot, especially for your teenage daughter. Still, there are brands that older women shall prefer. Take a keen note of your brand preferences and go for that watch. Ensure that you get the real brand out of the influx of renowned brand duplicates. 

How To Choose A Watch For A Woman - Conclusion  

Women have different tastes when it comes to the watch they can wear. However, the one certain thing is that fashion and style reigns in women's preferences. Therefore, as we've seen when choosing for a watch for your teenage daughter, your mother, wife, or even date, considering their skin tone shall land you on the right choice. Choosing a watch with changeable bands shall give an allowance to cater for a wider variety of colors. The age of a woman determines the kind of watch they prefer. A teenager shall prefer a more fashionable watch from a big brand. A watch that matches the color preference of the wearer shall match most of the fashion already in their closet. Hope we now know how to choose a watch for a woman from the above guide.

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