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Types Of Watches For Ladies

Keeping time is not the only deal with watches. For women, having a watch on the wrist enhances the looks. However, not any watch shall find its way to your wardrobes. As the need for women watches hike, there are a lot of brands and styles ready to feed the market. The type of watch you choose shall affect the overall theme and look. For instance, an elegant luxurious watch shall look different on you compared to a sporty watch. We summarized some of the common types of watches for ladies below:  

Bracelet Watches   

There is that time you're torn in between wearing a bracelet or a watch. Bracelet watches shall offer you a watch and a bracelet in one package. The band is usually designed in the form of a bracelet then attached to the watch. The bracelet part is polished and made in a fashionable jewelry-style to make you stand out. There is a wide variety of bracelet watches to choose from in terms of color and style.

So, the next time you're not feeling like populating your arm with a bracelet, watch and other accessories, consider keeping it simple and fashionable with a bracelet watch.   

Interchangeable Watches  

Having a single watch creates monotony. Still, a single watch shall not match with all the clothes in your wardrobe or all the functions you're going to attend to. However, interchangeable watches give you the chance to make one watch work for you at all times. 

This type of watch provides for a removable band. Therefore, whenever you have that white-only party, you can easily replace the black band with a white one. This type of watch is highly versatile, fashionable, and economical now that you do not have to buy multiple watches.  

Floral Watches   

These are the kinds of watches that carry the beauty of nature. These types of watches have beautiful floral prints on their bands and dials. Depending on the branding, you can use floral watches for both casual and official use. For official, floral prints should preferably be on the dials while the band remains plain. 


In a world where your phone means almost everything, it's important to bring it even closer to you. Smartwatches bring most of the functionalities closer to you. Smartwatches have Bluetooth and wifi functions that open up to the internet of unlimited capabilities. 

An office woman would preferably have a smartwatch. Messages, calls, music, and other functionalities can be controlled from such smartwatches. The best thing about smartwatches is that all the other functionalities of other watches are included. In addition to the time, you get GPS functionality.

There are smartwatches that are specialized to function as health aids. Such watches shall have heartbeat pressure monitors among other functionalities to help you monitor your health. This can be good for ailing or sportswomen.

Skeleton Watches  

Forget about the cliche that skeleton watches are masculine. Watchmaking companies are adjusting skeleton watches to fit women. As a result, there are a number of brands with skeletons watches that fit women. Technical women who value the inside contents of a watch shall especially like this.

Printed watches

Printed watches are a breathtaking fashion mixed with function. You shall find watches designed and printed with different kinds of prints to match your fashion. You can for instance find a print that matches that casual dress or bag in your collection.

Types Of Watches For Women By The Band   

The band means a lot in a watch. The color type and design of the band shall make a clothe match or not match with the rest of your dress. There are a number of bands with each fit for their unique purposes. Here are some.  

Metal watchbands  

Metal watch bands are a great choice for women who want to achieve an elegant look. However, metal watch bands are heavier compared to other types. Despite their weight, the look and design of most metal watch wrist bands complement your looks a lot.

Sports watch bands 

Women are into sports, if not professional, then at least, one might go for a work out once in a while. To help you keep time while exercising, these bands are made of nylon or rubber for waterproof function. 

Leather watch bands  

Leather offers quality straps to fasten your watch to the wrist. Most at times, leather is great on women's casual watches. Leather bands come in different styles, designs, and colors to cover your timepiece band needs.

Types Of Watches For Ladies By Brand

The brand speaks a lot when it comes to preference. Choosing a good brand shall make your after-buying processes easier. Established brands offer quality in terms of watches and services. Here are some of the common watch brands for ladies.   

Rolex watches 

Rolex is one of the top luxury watch producers in the world. The innovation, imagination, and craftmanship deployed in the making process result in quality. Whatever type and taste you need, Rolex has a lot to offer when it comes to women watches.

Timex watches for women

Whether you need a sport, office, or casual watch, Timex is a great brand to source from. With over 150 years of experience in watchmaking, Timex has helped the American flag high for its quality watches.


Types of watches for ladies are not complete until you mention Geneva. Geneva offers the best pricing for quality watches for women. Geneva produces the best watched for women to function in sports fashion and other needs.

Types Of Watches For Ladies - Conclusion  

A watch should fit the purpose. Women need a good functioning watch with minimum maintenance needs. Above all, ladies take a keen interest in the design and look of a watch, therefore, fashionable watches work great. Minimalist types of watches work well for office women while you can get a bracelet watch for your casual needs. Consider the brand, getting a watch from a renowned brand shall make your maintenance work easier.

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