Seven Best Brand Name Watches for Men

Seven Best Brand Name Watches for Men

A quality watch can be a timeless gift, often passed down through generations. The key is to look for brand name watches with a lasting reputation. 

Though there are a number of different types of watches for men, finding a great watch is easy once you know what to look for.

Whether shopping for yourself, or as a gift for someone special, we've found seven of the best brand name watches to help you choose. 

Shopping for Brand Name Watches

In the case of brand watches, many actually appreciate over time. Spending money on a timepiece now could potentially be an investment for the future. 

Before you make such a large purchase, consider the following:

  • Do you like a classic and simple style, or are you looking for something more eye-catching?
  • Do you prefer an analog or digital display?
  • Do you need features, such as a stop-watch or GPS?
  • Will you require water resistance?
  • Do you prefer a metallic bracelet or a leather strap?
  • What is your budget?

Another thing to take into account is where you will be shopping. When looking at such a large purchase, always be sure that the seller is reputable.

1. Rolex

Quite possibly the world's most famous watch brand, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't connect Rolex to luxury. From their analog display to their classic oyster bracelet, the Rolex is often immediately recognizable. 

Even being as well known as they are, Rolex markets to a certain clientele and boasts a simplistic style that works on casual outfits just as well as with a suit. 

Possibly the most expensive brand on the list, Rolex makes up for this with its continuing value. Not only are they incredibly durable, but in many circumstances, you can expect a resale price of what you paid, if not more in some cases. 

2. Breitling

Designed for military personal, pilots, and even astronauts, Breitling may not be as well known as Rolex, but their quality is extremely high. They have more models to choose from and come at more reasonable prices than a Rolex.

The Navitimer model is both stylish and functional and available with a leather band. This model often also includes a date function in addition to a chronograph. As a day to day watch, it is incredibly precise and does not try to position itself amongst the elite. 

Their collection includes:

  • The Navitimer is their most famous watch and is positioned as a top watch for aviators
  • The Superocean diver's watch is which has 200 meters of water resistance
  • The Chromomat and Avenger which are more robust and for outdoor use
  • The Professional is designed with an internal micro-chip which will send a distress signal in an emergency

With so many to choose from, Breitling has a watch for any and all needs. 

3. Tag Heuer

Known as the brand for timekeeping, Tag Heuer has been involved in everything from the Olympics and motorsports to professional soccer. They also can be seen on a number of celebrity ambassadors, including Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Chris Hemsworth. 

The Aquaracer is a notably popular, stylish, and incredibly practical watch. This particular model includes a 12-facet bezel, a band with diving extension to fit over thick gloves, and water resistance up to 1,000 meters. 

Their more recent smartwatches are excellent for tracking everything from speed and heart rate to distance traveled. 

4. Patek Philippe

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is one of the last family-owned Swiss watch manufacturers. After almost 200 years, they still set themselves apart by handcrafting each and every detail in all of their timepieces.

Having created fewer than a million watches in their history, Patek Philippe has established itself amongst collectors, making them rare and highly sought after.

According to Larry Pettinelli (Patek Philippe USA President) wearing one of their watches is akin to wearing a piece of art. With the level of handcrafting that goes into each and every piece, these are not throwaway watches. 

With their classic and simplistic design, these are quality watches that you will keep for decades. 

5. Gucci

A pillar of Italian luxury, Gucci began making watches in 1997. As they are known for, Gucci watches are just as bright and unique as their clothes and bags. 

Incorporating the precision of Swiss watchmaking with extremely luxurious and high-quality Italian craftsmanship, Gucci offers three watch categories:

  • Classic
  • Sports
  • Fashion

The Eryx model is designed to wind itself as the wearer naturally moves and has a sleek but striking face. Some of their more outlandish designs include The Kingsnake which incorporates a snake around the band and into the face. 

6. A. Lange and Söhne

Combining German precision with a unique design, A. Lange and Söhne watches stand out in a crowd of Swiss timepieces.

Their Tourbillon watches are especially striking, providing a small glimpse into the inner workings of these incredibly well-crafted timepieces. 

The design of each and every watch in their collection sets them apart from other companies. Even their most basic model has a distinctly German appearance, giving the wearer an almost automotive feel in the face's design. 

7. Bell & Ross

Founded less than 20 years ago, Bell & Ross wasted no time in proving themselves as market-leaders in the luxury watch industry. With their industrial and modern design, they have worked hard to set themselves apart. 

Although their rounded watches are similar to other brands, they have stood apart with their square face designs. Having been created by aeronautical control panel specialists for aviation professionals, it is clear to see where the design came from.

These watches are designed to be utilitarian and durable, having been perfected for use in extreme weather conditions. 

Which Watch is Best for You?

Shopping for brand name watches should hopefully be less confusing after reading this article. Though there are many brands to choose from when trying to decide on a quality watch always take your time and do some research beforehand. 

By first establishing a style, fit, the functions you need, and your budget, you should have no problems finding a number of quality watches to choose from. 

If you're looking for more, check out our collection of top branded men's watches.


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