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Types Of Watches For Men

There is so much associated with watch wearing than just toting a timepiece on your wrist. In this article, we are specifically going to focus on men and watch wearing. As a man, there is quite a lot that you ought to consider when choosing a wristwatch. 

This brings us to our main focus today; types of watches for men. We are going to look at an array of watches available for men and why a man should go for any of them whenever they have to select a wristwatch. There are so many types of wristwatches for men but we are going to focus on the main ones based on specific factors.

1.Basic Types 

When talking about the basic types of watches for men, we are simply trying to distinguish the difference between an analog, digital, digital-analog combination, a smartwatch, and a smartwatch hybrid. This is usually the first step in the breakdown process.

Analog watch 

An analog watch is one that works like a wall clock. The timepiece has a pair of dials that rotate around a circular configuration. Time on an analog watch is read by looking at the specific positions of the two dials in the configuration at a given moment. Some use batteries while others don't. There are many other types of analog watches. We are going to look at some of them under other factors.

Digital watch 

A digital watch gives time by displaying a set of numbers on a small screen. Digital watches are basically minicomputers that are set or programmed to count time. Almost all digital watches use small batteries for power except those that are solar-powered. Digital watches come in different shapes and have different features. It all depends on the type of features and outlook you prefer based on your taste as a man alongside other factors.


A smartwatch has the ability to connect to a network or a smartphone and can perform almost all functions that a smartphone can perform. You can receive a call, listen to music, text someone, or even look at emails via the smartwatch. Smartwatches are very variable depending on the features and the price. Smartwatches are apparently the most advanced types of watches for men.

Analog-digital combination 

Some watches are designed to look like both analog and digital watches. They record tome in both analog and digital displays. The simple idea behind this is to have both analog and digital design in one timepiece. Some men are usually unable to decide whether to go for analog or digital watches. An analog and digital watch can be the best option in that case.

Smartwatch hybrid 

Smartwatch hybrids look very much like smartwatches but they are not sufficiently functional without being connected to a smartphone. However, they share some features with smartwatches but are basically dependent on smartphones for full functionality.


Men prefer different shapes for their watches. Your preference might be a circular watch or maybe a rectangular one. All these shapes are available. Leaving alone all the other factors it is one important factor to chase when selecting a watch. Here are the most common shapes associated with wristwatches.


Circular watches are the most common types of watches for men under shape as a classification factor. For most analog watches, the shape may be the most convenient since the dials have to rotate on a circular configuration to showtime. In different scenarios, round can be merged with another shape. The most common type of this is the apple type that merges rectangular with round.


Square watches are never common with analog watches. However, digital and smartwatches are common with this type. 


Oval watches exist though not that common also. Oval is convenient for digital watches in most cases since it is a little wide and can accommodate a large display that digital watches bring forth. 


Another very common shape is the rectangular shape. A spectacular type in this is the Asus zen, one of the earliest smartwatches. You can also consider buying an analog rectangular watch too. For smartwatches, rectangular shape makes a lot of sense it provides a larger screen area to accommodate the many features they come with. 

All these shapes befit men depending on their preference and choice.



There are many types of watches designed for sports. A watch for sports usually has rubber straps, a convenient feature against sweat. However, nowadays, sports watches are designed with specific features depending on the type of sport it is used for. Sportsmen usually have their choice from this section.


These are usually very sensitive pieces and they have to match with the dressing and are worn to impress. It needs to be elegant and precisely match with your suit or any other official wear.


A fashionable model can work out for you for almost all needs since it matches fashion, dress luxury, and even sporty preferences and looks good when worn for any of the above matches.

Design and features 

Different designs come with different features depending on whether they are analog, smartwatch, digital, or any other type. 

Types of watches for men - Conclusion

What are the types of watches for men? We already mentioned that there is a wide, wide array of wristwatches that a man can go for when doing a selection for one. Pricing is key in selecting a watch. Factors that come with your watch are majorly dependent on the pricing. We should however focus on how good they look on you as a man and whether they fit your taste and match. We have reviewed a number of types of watches that are available and fit for men and it is important to look at each of them individually and see whether they can help you find your match and it can go a long way in helping you know the types of watches that are available for men and to some extent help you find one from among them.