8 Tips on Buying Watches for Men

8 Tips on Buying Watches for Men

Some folks may think of classic watches as an old-fashioned gift. With the emergence of smartwatches and other digital devices for telling the time, it seems outdated but it's still very much in vogue.

Actually, more Americans today wear classic watches than ever. They aren't going out of fashion any time soon.

Watches for men are thoughtful gifts that are appreciated no matter who they're being gifted to. If you're struggling to know what to get a special guy in your life, a watch may be a perfect idea.

Not sure where to start? Take the following points into consideration and you'll be guaranteed to come up with something they'll love.

1. Consider the Material

The material of your watch is one of the most important considerations when it comes to any kind of watch, but especially for brand name watches, material carries the most value. Some materials look stylish; others are built to last.

Your man's personal lifestyle and how much care they're likely to take with the watch should guide you in picking out the material.

Stainless steel and titanium, for example, are likely to last better than gold and are made to withstand the daily grind and wear and tear.

2. The Shape of the Face is Important

Watches for women or men have something in common: a round face is the most classic watch look you can get.

If you're buying for someone who errs on the side of traditional rather than experimental in their fashion, a round face is a good way to go. Round faces have been used for centuries and it's hard to dislike them.

However, if the person you're buying for likes to be a little more unique in his fashion, it's time to try out something else.

Square, rectangle, watches come in all different shapes. Going for something other than the classic circle is sure to make a statement.

3. Do You Want an Engraving?

Consider if you want the watch to be engraved. For a classic look or a watch that might be passed on, you may not want an engraving. A neutral look may be best.

However, for a special gift for someone, an engraving could be the best way to go. Consider their initials or a short, special message to remind them of how loved they are.

An engraving is down to personal taste — both yours and theirs.

4. What Looks Good on Them?

Consider what will actually look good on the man you're buying it for.

For those with a cool skin tone, silver usually looks best. Warm is better for gold.

Not sure what they prefer for themselves? Take a look at any other jewelry they wear, or anything that has metal on it at all. Whether it's cool-toned or warm-toned, the side they lean towards is sure to shine through on everything else that they wear.

This just might be able to guide your purchase.

5. How Often Will They Wear It?

How often they will actually wear the watch is important. If they're likely to want a piece for special occasions, one of the high-end Swiss watches could be a good call. For something to wear every day, they might want something a little less flashy.

Some people aren't comfortable wearing something very expensive on a day-to-day basis, worried about loss or theft.

How often they're likely to wear the watch and where they'll wear it is important to consider.

6. Your Budget is Important Too

Don't forget to consider your budget!

Something like a Gucci Apple watch band might sound like the ideal gift and very fancy, but if you can't afford something like that, there's no point in dwelling on it. Besides, classic watches for way cheaper can look just as good.

Having an idea of the budget for your gift before you go looking for a watch is the smart way to go. Standing in a store shopping for a watch or helplessly browsing a website will go a lot quicker if you know immediately what's out of your price range.

You don't have to set a lower limit — you might fall in love with something less expensive than you anticipated! An upper limit, however, is important.

7. Consider the Movement

When doing your research into various watches, you may hear the term 'watch movement' a lot. But what exactly does that mean?

Watch movement is the mechanism of the watch; it's what makes it tick.

Does it move in individual ticks or in a slow, fluid motion? It may not matter to some but if the guy you're purchasing for is an enthusiast, he may have a preference! Or maybe after some research, you do.

Some watches also require being wound up, depending on their mechanism, so be sure to purchase an automatic watch for someone who is forgetful — or simply not likely to enjoy winding up their watch every single day!

8. Consider Them — Not Just the Watch

Although you're on the lookout for a beautiful watch, it's essential to remain a little objective when looking. Don't just buy what you like — consider what the special man in your life would like.

If you can, poke and prod him months in advance about his preferences. Don't be too obvious or you're likely to ruin the surprise, but if it's possible to casually bring up some aspects, then you should!

You can also take a lot at everything he's worn in the past and make some judgment calls from there.

Picking Watches for Men Requires Some Consideration

Picking out watches for men requires some consideration about different aspects.

What would they want in a watch? What suits them? What kind of person are they?

If you can consider all these points raised and come to a solid conclusion, you're bound to pick out something they love.

When you're ready to pick out a watch, check out our selection for men. We're sure you'll find something you love.


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