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Watch Strap Color Rules

A watch is not just a timepiece; this small accessory can express your personality. Few of us realize how important it is to match the color of our watch straps with our clothes. Understanding social expectations require a little bit of common sense.

With that said, there are some watch strap color rules that can help you figure out whether the color of your watch band is appropriate. In this post, we are going to discuss some common rules for choosing the color of your watch strap. 

Analyze Your Clothes

Analyzing your clothes will make it easier for you to pick a color for your watch band. If you do not have navy clothing, you may not want a navy band for your watch. Notice which set of clothes you wear on most days. Pick a strap color in accordance with those clothes.

If you have a pair of beautiful dress shoes, consider getting a watch band of the same color. If the same color is not available, try to find a color that is close to the color of your dress shoes. In a sense, you are lucky if you choose black or grey or other monochrome colors. If you are wearing a black or grey dress, you can choose almost any watch.

Analyze Your Watch

It is also important to analyze the watch you have. If the dial is silver or white or any other light color, you may choose a brown strap. A black strap is probably a better choice for a darker color dial. So, you have to be attentive to the colors of both your dress and your watch. 

The watch case should also be a good match for the strap. Watch manufactures always keep it in mind. You also should be careful of it when you are going to buy a new strap for your watch. 

Plan Your Accessories

Yes, your watch straps should match your belt, your purse, and your shoes. But taking it too far is not a good idea. You don't need to worry too much about matching everything perfectly. However, if you keep some accessories ready and plan accordingly, you will find it easy to match your watch strap with your accessories. You will effortlessly pull the outfit together. Planning ahead will make things a lot easier. 

Metal Complements Metal

Some of your other accessories are made of metal. This metal should be complemented by the metal of your watch strap and watch dial. Watch cases can be rectangular, square, polygonal, and round. The finish can be patterned, shiny, matte, or inlaid with jewels or crystals. Platinum, silver, gold, steel, and titanium are some of the metals that are used to manufacture was cases. 

If the metal case is blacked out, you can choose either silver or gold. It is important to coordinate the color of the metal with the ring. You also have to pay attention to accessories such as adjusters of trousers and waistcoats. If your clothes are in earthy tones, you may choose a gold plated watch. Silver is a good match with a black or grey dress. 

When In Doubt, Match It With Your Shoes

Black is considered a dressy color, but you do not necessarily have to choose black. There are some interchangeable leather bands, and they can be useful in some cases. They add variety to the color of your watch bands.

Brown leather is not as formal as black leather. For formal events, choose a black watchband. If you are looking for a watch band for your business casual dress, tassel loafers can be a good choice. If your shoes are silver, gray, or black, silver watches can match with them.

No Rules for Heirloom Watches

Heirloom pieces tend to break the watch strap color rules. An heirloom watch bears the memory of an original owner, and that is why it is significant in a different sense. So, the established rules do not apply to these watches. You do not have to match your heirloom watch with your dress, because the watch is special.

An heirloom watch can evoke memories and start a conversation. Here you are free to bend or violate the rules. It has nothing to do with the latest fashions or trends. It may remind you of your culture or your family history. Many World War veterans have given their watches to their children. These heirlooms are not just watches; they are a sign of memories.

Pick a Color Wisely

When it comes to choosing the color of a timepiece, you should stop being too choosy. No matter which straps you look at, you are going to find an extra shade of grey or black. Don’t waste your time trying to pick the perfect watch strap color. It simply does not exist. So, it is nice to trust your taste. The perfect watch simply does not exist.

There is another important thing to consider. You will probably throw away your current dress in just a few months. Or you may simply stop wearing them. Are you likely to change your watch strap too early? Probably not. If that is the case, you should not worry too much about the matching. This is one of the most important watch strap color rules. Not many watch manufacturers openly talk about it.

Taste is a very personal thing. It depends on whether you are a crowd-pleaser or a trendsetter. There are numerous paths, and you have to find your own. If you are wrong, that is also okay. If you are looking for some watch strap color rules, take this one rule seriously.

If your suit or dress is blue, do not hesitate to choose a blue band. You can choose a blue watch with a fairly dark timepiece. The blue coloring will be reflected in the dial. With that said, the ultimate choice depends on you. It is you who will decide the color of the strap. Just make sure you are not too choosy when you are trying to choose a watchband.

Be Confident

Whether it is a gorgeous watch band or a simple one, you have to make sure that it makes you feel comfortable when you wear it. If the strap does not make you confident, you probably should get a different strap.

The color is not the only thing to consider. There are some other parameters. It should seamlessly fit the watch face. The thickness should be proportionate. If the strap is thin and the dial is thick, the watch will not be visually appealing. Only a flashy color or robust structure does not make a watch good. This is one of the watch strap color rules to keep in mind.

Pay attention to these subtle things. Functionality should also be taken seriously. The fitness, size, and color of your watch strap should be in accordance with your personal taste. The hard task is to figure out what you like and what you don’t.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, the rules are not rigid. There is no doubt that the rules will help you choose a watch strap color that matches your attire. But don’t think that the rules can not be violated. It all depends on your taste and personality. We hope you will be able to pick an appropriate color.

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