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Watch Band Bracelet Styles

Many different types of watch bands are available now. No matter what type of watch bracelet you want, you can find it in the market. But people do not frequently switch watch bracelets, and that is why it is important to choose a bracelet you can wear for months, even years to come. In this post, we will discuss the most commercially available watch band bracelet styles. Keep reading.

Leather Strap

As soon as people stopped keeping watches in their pockets and started wearing them on their wrists, they started using leather to keep the watches on their wrists. Leather was an obvious choice because it was supple and soft, and looked luxurious. In the beginning years, leather was as popular as it is today.

Alligator leather is very expensive, but it is also hard-wearing. It is also a matter of conscience. A cheaper option is calfskin. It has a soft look. There are many other types of leather available on the market.

With a leather band, your watch will look like an “everyday” watch. However, to some extent, it depends on your choice of style. A darker color is considered more formal than a light color. For many watch enthusiasts, a black is an obvious option. But navy, oxblood, and dark brown are also worth considering. Many companies manufacture leather straps, so there are many options to choose from.

NATO Strap

The NATO strap was first used in the military. Later, it became popular among the common people. In 1970, when the British soldiers began to use this strap, it was not fashionable at all. But now it is one of the fashionable watch band bracelet styles, and popular among people from all walks of life.

The NATO strap is usually manufactured from nylon. Since the cost of manufacturing is low, it is a low-priced watch band. When you need to take off the watch, you do not have to switch off the spring bars. 

Many watch enthusiasts often change straps rather than changing watches. This strap is suitable in all circumstances. It can even be paired with a sports watch. This watch band is easy to clean and quite durable. In terms of aesthetic appeal, very few watch bands can beat it. 

Many companies manufacture these types of watch bands these days. Zulu is a well-known brand. This brand is also well-known for its popularity among Ivy League students. 

Rubber Strap

Rubber straps look sporty, and that is probably why young people like them. New companies now manufacture lots of rubber watch bands. They are not particularly fancy, but they are quite trendy among young people. 

There are some highly expensive watches that come with rubber straps. Now there is a trend of making luxury things look casual. Think about CEOs who wear Japanese denim. This is a subtle way to say that special things do not need to be treated as special. 

Rubber also has its practical functions. If you frequently go to the gym, you will prefer rubber watch bands, partly because you will sweat excessively. They are durable and look informal. Contrary to what many people think, rubber straps are not now less popular than they were a couple of decades ago. 

Metal Bracelet

Metal straps are considered formal, and they can be easily paired with many different types of watches. However, to get it done, you may have to visit your local jeweler. With that said, metal bracelets are one of the most well-known watch band bracelet styles.

Metal bands are versatile and durable. No matter where you are, a metal bracelet on your wrist will make you look appealing. Many different types of metals are used to manufacture metal watch bands. To some extent, your choice of metal should be determined by the color of your shirt. When you are at work, a metal bracelet is preferable. 

Mesh Strap

The Mesh strap, also known as the Milanese strap, has risen in popularity in recent years. In spite of being visually appealing, it was obscure for a very long time. This vintage band was first manufactured in Milan, Italy. Now it is popular all over the world.

In style, it looks like a chameleon. This band is used at home rather than at work. It suits many different outfits, ranging from T-shirts and jeans to summer suits. This strap is not too formal or too casual. Throughout the day, you will be comfortable with this band.

Oyster Bracelet

Oyster style bracelets were popularized by Rolex. The bracelet is one of the most well-known watch band bracelet styles. It has 3 different parts that are interlinked. Thanks to this design—each link is extremely durable. So, if you are looking for a long-living watch band, you can choose this one.

The design is a bit complex, and that is why resizing the bracelet is not a very easy process. You have to go to your local jeweler to get it done. Another reason for its popularity is that the bracelet can complement many different types of timepieces.

Jubilee Bracelet

Jubilee also has 3 different sections. The sections in the middle are shorter than the ones on the sides. As a result, it creates a glowing and formal look. The links in the middle are often different in color. Therefore, it may look like a 2-tone bracelet. If the bracelet matches the case, the dial is excellently highlighted. Dress watches are commonly paired with this bracelet.

Tropic Straps

These cost-effective watch straps were first developed in the 1950s. Tropics straps are iconic watchband bracelet styles. They are considered an alternative to metal bracelets. Metal bracelets were embraced by sportsmen, swimmers, and other people who needed to go underwater. However, metal straps were expensive and heavy. So, people were looking for a better alternative.

Tropic straps have been able to solve this issue to some extent. Experts point out some reasons why these bracelets became instantly popular. Here are two obvious reasons: they can be paired with any watch, and they are light. The texture is soft, and it provides optimum comfort.

Perlon Watch Straps

These bracelets became popular in the 1960s. They are made of nylon, and that is one of the reasons why they are easily distinguishable. The nylon threads are intricately woven, making the texture visually appealing and the band durable. They provide enough breathability, in spite of their 3-dimensional patterns.

They come with no holes. As a result, you can resize this bracelet to any extent. No matter what your wrist size is, you can make this strap fit your wrist. The straps can withstand extreme abrasion, and that is partly why so many divers use it. However, technically Perlon is not categorized as a diver’s watchband.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most well-known watch band bracelet styles, and they come in many varieties in terms of texture and color. In order to choose good watchband, it is important to know a little bit about different bracelet styles. We hope the discussion in this post will help you make an informed buying decision.