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Types of Metal Watch Bands

The watchband is an integral part of a watch. It is as important as the face.  Many different types of materials are used to manufacture watch bands. Metal bands have a special appeal, partly because they look formal. In this post, we are going to discuss different types of metal watch bands. 

If you choose a good metal watchband, it will remain attractive for many years. It is important to see what material a watch band is made of. There are several common materials they are used to manufacture watch bands. Besides, there are different types and styles of bands. First, we are going to discuss the most commonly used metals. 

Common Watch Band Metals

Various metals are used to manufacture bracelets. Timepieces with metal bands look quintessentially formal. That is part of the reason why metal bands are so popular. Unlike simple leather straps, they are a bit tricky.

If you like a particular band, it may not fit your wrist until some links are removed. However, that can be done easily. Now, let's take a look at the most commonly used metals to manufacture watch bands. 

Stainless steel

Stainless steel watch bands have always been considered bulky, and that is partly why these watches are sometimes called tool watches. They are not very popular with the common people. Traditionally they have been used by military personnel. 

Stainless steel is the most easily affordable metal on the market. Stainless steel watch bands may be cheap but they still look luxurious. Steel is also good in terms of durability. That is probably why sports watches come with stainless steel straps. When a steel band is paired with formal attire, it looks pretty good. 

Although these bands are resistant to water, they can get dirty pretty soon.  That is why you have to exert some effort to keep your stateless steel watch band clean. Over time, they gradually lose their Sheen. There is no doubt that they are more beautiful than leather bands. Some people avoid stainless steel bracelets because these bracelets cause an allergic reaction. 


It is a strong metal, and consider a good fit for watches that are used in rough conditions. The material is used to construct machines that meet lots of wear and tear. Titanium is strong but light, so watchmakers like this metal very much. Even if the timepiece looks bulky, it can be pretty light. This metal is also hydro allergenic. However, titanium is still considered one of the best metals for watch bands. 


Gold is opulent and luxurious and easily draws attention. If you wear a watch with a gold bracelet, chances that you will become a center of attention. Investing in this precious metal is highly rewarding. Gold watch bands look incredible and certainly add some weight to your portfolio.

They are also highly sought after. That means, if you wish to sell them, you will easily find a buyer. Yes, these bracelets are pricey. Gold is not a very highly durable metal, and that is why you have to be a bit careful when you wear a gold watch. 

Different Types Of Metal Watch Bands

Metal watch bands come in different styles. They are different in appearance and convenience. The clasp is the main part that makes a metal watchband different from another. Now we are going to discuss them.

Metal watch band with deployant clasp

The deployant clasp is usually used in men’s watches.  This clasp is used only in metal watches. This is the most common type of clasp. If you are wearing a watch right now, chances are that it has a metal band with deployant clasp. 

It unfolds little by little and allows you to fit your wrist into the strap. It has a hook-type latch, and the latch can be awkward to open up sometimes. In terms of security, metal watch bands with deployant clasps are good. In most cases, you need to go to a professional and resize the band. 

Metal watch band with push-button deployant clasp

This different type of clasp makes this watch button look a bit different. A small part of the clasp is visible when you buckle up the watch. Thanks to the pushbuttons, these bands are very easy to open up. When you need to take off the watch, you just have to push the buttons. This is one of the most common types of metal watch bands.

A regular deployant clasp is not as secure as a push-button deployant clasp. The buttons add an extra layer of security. They are a bit less noticeable, and that is probably why they look better. However, adjusting the size of the band is not something you can do without going to a professional. 

Metal watch band with fold-over push-button deployant clasp

This is a band that comes with a clasp with three locks. These extra layers of security make sure that the watch is always on your wrist. There are push buttons on both sides, and the strap comes with a snap latch. 

When you wear the watch, a big portion of the clasp is visible. A regular deployant clasp is much smaller than this clasp. The clasp is discrete and small, which is a good thing. This mechanism makes this clasp very safe. Your watch band will never open up accidentally.

Metal watch band with butterfly clasp

When you wear the watch, this clasp remains invisible. The seamless band appears to be staying buckled magically, without any clasp. You will fall in love with this band just by looking at it. 

Its mechanism is not very simple. It has two metal hinges that unfold to both sides. It looks just like a butterfly that has spread the wings. You have to fold the wings when you wear the watch. There are some butterfly clasps that come with push buttons that are hidden. These bands are easy to take off. 

If you find the deployment clasp a bit uncomfortable, do not choose this type of band. Because of the hinges, this band is supposed to be worn loosely. A professional can resize the band so that it fits your wrist. In spite of this drawback, it is one of the most familiar types of metal watch bands.

Metal watch band with Tang buckle

This buckle works the same way as the buckle of a belt. The band has several holes, and you have to put the pin through one of the holes. Therefore, you do not have to resize the band to make it fit your wrist. If you are buying a watch for a gift, you should buy one with the band with the Tang buckle. This band will fit anyone. 

Different materials are used to manufacture the actual buckle. There are extra-wide buckles as well as regular buckles. A thicker pin is used in an extra-wide buckle. However, it is determined by the width of the band. A metal bar is used to attach the buckle to the band. However, there is an issue with this type of band: the pain tends to get loose over time.


Metal watch bands are not only visually appealing but also durable. By learning about different types of metal watchbands, you can make an informed buying decision. We have discussed the most common types, and we hope you have found this discussion helpful.

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