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Top 20 best watches of all time

There are a lot of stylish watches out there. There are different styles and brands and price points. If you are looking for a watch for yourself or as the perfect gift for someone in your life, just knowing where to start can be tough and choosing the right one can sometimes seem impossible. To help give some guidance, here is a list of the 20 best watches of all time. They are a mix of styles and price points but what they all have in common is that they are all great timepieces.


Timex Weekender Watch

    – Timex opened for business since 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA and has been turning out masterpieces ever since. The Timex weekender series are beautifully crafted and sold with multi-colored textile bands for easy swaps. As the name suggests, this affordable watch is perfect for a lazy weekend with its versatile style and wide selection of cool nylon bands.

Features: Quartz movement, Stainless Steel case, Nylon Strap, Fun, Young and Durable

Casio Vintage WatchCasio Vintage Watch

  1. CASIO VINTAGE– Founded by four Japanese brothers as the first electric calculator company, Casio supplies the world with a huge range of electronic products, including watches. The Casio Vintage series are straight from the 1980s, built to last and frankly are what Casio watch designers thought the 2020s would look like. In 2020, it is the perfect example of retro 80s cool. 

Features: Quartz movement, Unisex, Stainless Steel case, Steel strap, Work wear, Durable

Nixon Kenzie Wrap
  1. NIXON THE KENZI WRAP– The strongest theme for the Nixon company watches is independence, lifestyle and expression. Founded in California, the Nixon company has incorporated collaborative design into their watches, reflecting the tastes and styles of their customers. Nixon is a hipster favorite that comes in so many styles and colors but none are quite as unique and trendy as the funky, two-banded, bracelet-looking Kenzi Wrap.

Features: Quartz Movement, Stainless Steel case, Two banded leather strap, Cool, Young, Fashionable

Swatch new collection - Winery

  1. SWATCH NEW COLLECTION– Founded in 1983, the Swatch Group owns a range of affordable to seriously expensive watch brands. With brands like the prestigious Breguet, Blancpain and Glashutte, your Swatch watch is in great company. The Swatch New Collection is another 1980s favorite, these New Collection Swatch watches have been updated with the newest technology but retain that retro-cool design we love to love.

Features: Quartz movement, Unisex, Plastic/Stainless steel case, Hip, Trendy, Light

Fossil Minimalist
  1. FOSSIL MINIMALIST– The Fossil Group has been in the watch business since 1984. The company has some seriously influential brands under its belt and always stays true to its customers. Its watches caters to a wide range of ages, styles and prices. Fossil is a brand where you always get great value for your money. The Minimalist series have a clean sophisticated design that looks expensive but will not break the bank. Our personal favorite is the Townsman Chronograph Brown Leather Watch which has an earth brown understated tone while exuding elegance.

Features: Quartz movement, Water resistant, Leather Strap, Quiet Elegance

Skagen Denmark

  1. SKAGEN SIGNATUR– Founded in the coastal town of Skagen, Denmark, the Skagen line of watches embodies the principles of clean, simple design. This minimalistic Danish designer offers the best in European cool. The Skagen Denmark Jorn watch is simple, clean, minimal and sleek. This watch gives you a modern elegant look that works well with simple style.

Features: Quartz movement, Stainless Steel case, Modern, Minimalist, Sleek

Victorinox Alliance Chronograph

  1. VICTORINOX ALLIANCE– From the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, you would expect versatility, durability, and functionality. That is exactly what you get with this watch. The Victorinox Alliance Chronograph watch has a solid, stainless steel case with an anti-scratch sapphire dial window. It has date and chronograph functions as well as a simple, clean dial design.

Features: Quartz movement, Stainless Steel case, Durable, Formal, Simple, Clean

Rado Centrix Silver Watch

  1. RADO CENTRIX– From Lengnau, Switzerland since 1917, Rado is known for its signature use of ceramics in its watch designs. Rado’s range of watches are higher end expensive and seriously stylish. The Rado Centrix collection comes in different sizes and colors with an elegant, high-tech, sleek style. The Rado Centrix Automatic has a signature sapphire crystal with diamonds as dial markers, if you are seeking beauty combined with functionality, this Swiss watchmaker delivers it all.

Features: Automatic movement, Stainless Steel case, 38-hour Power reserve, Ceramic Stainless bracelet, Minimal, Elegant

Oris Big Crown Watch

  1. ORIS BIG CROWN– Oris opened for business in 1904 and has been producing some of the finest watches in the market since. The Oris Big Crown Propilot collection models are specifically built for flying, with added functions like the Altimeter, Chronograph, World Time, Day Date. Currently known as one of the go-to watches in aviation, the Big Crown delivers high flying style and durability.

Features: Automatic Winding Date Movement, Stainless Steel case, Stainless Steel/Leather/Nylon Strap, 38-hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Dial Glass, Functional, Versatile, Durable

Montret Citizen Ambiluna

  1. CITIZEN AMBILUNA– Citizen is straight out of Switzerland, 1918. Built to provide more affordable watches to customers at different economic levels, Citizen produced the first watch synchronized to atomic clocks, making them some of the most accurate timepieces around. The Citizen Ambiluna is a sensual, powerful beauty of a timepiece made especially for ladies. This incredibly designed women’s watch is more wearable art or high-end jewelry. Whatever you call it, this watch will make a statement.

Features: Eco-drive movement technology (powered by the nearest energy source), Stainless Steel mesh bracelet, Sapphire Crystal Dial, Sophisticated, Modern, Powerful

Bulova Moon on Montret
  1. BULOVA MOONWATCH– An American brand open for business since 1875, Bulova watches offer style, precision and advanced technology. The Bulova Lunar Pilot *Moon Watch* is famous for having been to space and the moon. Customized especially for lunar conditions, the Bulova Pilot Chronograph has precision timing and is durable. While not the most famous watch that has been on the moon (more on that further down), it did go up in Apollo 15 and is still great today.

Features: 262kHz High performance quartz movement, luminous markers, Sapphire glass, Tachometer, Calendar, 316L Stainless Steel case, Textured Leather/Nylon Strap, Precision, Formal, Durable, Versatile

Longines Hydroconquest
  1. LONGINES HYDROCONQUEST – Founded in 1832, in Switzerland, Longines has top-of-the-line masterpieces. The Hydroconquest is a solid piece designed for diving. Water resistant up to 300m, and easy to read luminous markers make this watch absolutely valuable to divers. Upscale with clean lines, any timepiece that is a favorite of the James Bond character deserves a place among the best of all time.

Features: Automatic movement, Stainless Steel case, 42-hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal Glass Dial, Powerful, Sleek, Statement

Hamilton Jazzmaster Brown Satin Ladies Watch
  1. HAMILTON JAZZMASTER– The Hamilton company is an American brand started in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Known for its precision timing depended upon by railway and U.S Airmail workers, Hamilton watches are an American classic. The Hamilton Jazzmaster is a simple and elegant watch with superb power reserve that is a classy throwback. The vintage style works for any occasion. 

Features: Automatic movement, Stainless Steel case, Sapphire Crystal Glass, 80-hour Power Reserve, Industrious, Precision, Style

Seiko Prospex
  1. SEIKO PROSPEX– Founded in 1881, Seiko introduced the world’s first production quartz watch and went on to produce the *Automatic Quartz* watch, a combination of the automatic and quartz movement. Seiko’s Prospex watch is packed with functionality and designed to be eco-friendly, diver-friendly and is all round efficient. Seiko’s waterproof (up to 200m) diving watch is a great mix of good looks and amazing functionality.

Features: Solar movement, Stainless Steel case, 6-month Power Durability, Luminous Dial Markers, Chronograph, Precision, Eco-friendly, Brilliant

Tissot Powermatic
  1. TISSOT CHEMIN DES TOURELLES POWERMATIC– Open since 1853, Tissot introduced the first mass produced pocket watch as well as the first plastic, stone, mother of pearl and wood watch. Tissot has a history of innovative and beautiful watch designs. The Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic Watch is a luxury precision watch designed to make a statement. This innovative watch has mechanical features usually only found in high-end watches but can be had for a good price.

Features: Swiss Automatic movement, Stainless Steel Rose Gold PVD coating case, 80-hour Power Reserve, Leather Strap, Statement, Precision, Traditionally beautiful design

  1. ROLEX DATEJUST– Founded in 1905, Rolex has been the hallmark of wealth and class. Rolex watches have an iconic design that’s recognized worldwide. The Rolex Datejust is a timeless classic launched in 1945. Self-winding with a distinctive dial, the Datejust guarantees perfection, beauty and exclusivity. There are plenty of Rolexes that could have made this list but the simplicity, durability and classic design are what puts the Datejust among the best of all time.

Features: Self-winding movement, Steel and Gold case, 70-hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal dial, Exclusive, Powerful

Omega Speedmaster
  1. OMEGA SPEEDMASTER– Founded in Switzerland sa La Generale Watch Co. and renamed to Omega in 1903, Omega has produced timepieces for the Air Force, the Army, NASA and was the first watch on the moon in 1969. The Speedmaster was favored by early American astronauts and has been on many NASA missions as one of the few styles approved for spaceflight. That alone gets it on this list. Its superior functionality and elegant design in addition to comfort is pure luxury.

Features: Self-winding movement, Stainless Steel case, Chronograph, Moon Phase, 60-hour Power Reserve, Precision, Efficient, Comfort

Tag Heuer Carrera Lady
  1. TAG HEUER CARRERA LADY – Open for business since 1860, Tag Heuer is one of the premier Swiss watchmakers known for catering to professional drivers. The TAG Heuer design has elements of speed, beauty, and simplicity. The TAG Heuer Carrera Ladies’ watch with Steel, Diamonds and Rose gold has a theme of beauty, strength and Power, elements that the brand is especially known for.  

Features: Automatic movement, Rose Gold Polished Steel case, 40-hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal Dial glass, Fine Brushed Steel strap, Beautiful, Powerful, Iconic

Breitling Navitimer
  1. BREITLING NAVITIMER– From Switzerland since 1884, Breitling is known for precision-made chronometers and is a darling among aviators. The Breitling Navitimer collection is a superb mechanically engineered timepiece, with special attention to its time-honored chronograph counters. A cult favorite among collectors, this watch has a huge dial surface and is designed with attention to detail. It is a true statement piece watch.

Features: Mechanical hand-wound movement, Steel, 18K Red Gold case, 70-hour Power Reserve, Leather strap, Precision, for aviators, Collector’s piece

Santos de Cartier
  1. SANTOS DE CARTIER– No list of the best watches in the world would be complete without the Cartier Santos watch. Designing watches since 1847, Cartier has a history of supplying royalty with watches and jewelry. One of the first wristwatches ever created still sets the benchmark for style, class, and quality today. The Santos de Cartier watch was created to fulfil a wish; Aviator Santos Dumont needed a watch to help him tell time accurately while flying, Louis Cartier made him his very own watch, the Santos de Cartier. The iconic design is sought after worldwide and is a symbol of the very finest human qualities; friendship, kindness and class.

Features: Mechanical movement, Steel case, Steel bracelet and Leather strap, 42-hour Power Reserve, Precision, Sleek, Vintage

Choosing the right watch is essential to making a good impression and should not be taken lightly. The right watch states your taste, personality and status. 


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