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How Many Watches Do You Need?

Be it a lady or a man, a watch around your wrist steps up your look and timekeeping. So, how many watches do you need to suffice your fashion and needs? Most people have gift watches that step up their number to 20 while others have two quality but expensive watches. Therefore, the number of watches that you need shall depend on your profession, your preferences, and your needs. Other than having a smartwatch to wear to the office, you also need a sports watch for your morning jogs, and of course, there is that bracelet watch you cannot leave behind when going for a vacation. Just how many watches do you need? Let's find out below.

A Watch For Your Workout

Sports watches are differently equipped. Be it a professional sportsperson or just for your morning work out, a watch needs to be waterproof to avoid getting spoilt by the sweat expected. Most sports watches have features like a GPS to help you track your location in case you went out for a hike or running. Unlike a simple analog watch, these watches can calculate your calorie burning to measure the impact of your exercises. 

In the modern world, a sports watch is something more than a small stopwatch, nowadays, you get benefits like a heartbeat analyzer. Your health shall be under the full monitor to avoid over straining during your work out sessions.  Sport watches are lightweight and have safe straps that won't be shaken by the sweat. Actually, this is the first watch in our count that you should own, cause after all every health cautious person works out. So, we count the first watch among the total watches you should own.

A Watch For The Office    

One of the accessories you do not want to miss as an office person is a handy watch. By handy, we mean that your watch needs to, as the sports watches, give you all the features to let you eastern your office work. This is the sole reason the smartwatch is winning the trophy for office use. 

The office needs a good look like the clean look that smartwatches offer. A smartwatch serves to answer your calls and reply to messages all from one point, your wrist. Smartwatch firms are going above board to transfer the whole smartphone functionality to the smartwatch. With the latest smartwatches having access to wi-fi function, the internet has opened the possibilities of a smartwatch a great deal. Bluetooth has probably served you a couple of times on your phone, now all its functions are on the smartwatch.

Your health matters, that's why smartwatch technology offers health functions. Health specialized smartwatches feature a calorie calculator, heartbeat monitor, and other functionalities to monitor your heartbeat. All these are integrated with the general features of a smartwatch. 

Vacation And Partying Watches   

If you take a keen interest in your casual function, a flashy watch shall help you achieve a casual and happy look. Other than this, you get more functions such as time, alarm, GPS and more depending on the model you choose. 

All-purpose Watches

You need that watch that can work well for your vacation, office, and even party, right? It saves the hassle of having to choose each time. For women, if you can go for a multi-strap watch, it shall work pretty well. So, whenever you need to go to that black-only party, you only shift to the black strap. 

For men, you can get a decent watch that serves all your purposes. A watch needs to achieve your confident and composed look, an elegant watch shall stand out as a professional also. For all-purpose watches, a great look matters, the color should also be able to match with most of your clothing. Premium brands such as Tudor Black Bay 36 have proven to work out really well on most occasions. 

The only thing you can expect with premium watches is a high price. However, with the look and across-occasion functions are worth an investment. Most experienced watch enthusiasts have testified that, as time went by, they developed the preference of quality over quantity.

So, how many watches do you need?  

People vary in terms of their need for watches. You can own from one multi-purpose watch to over 20 different function watches. Therefore, the number of watches you need shall depend on your needs.

What is the immediate need that pushes you into wanting to own a watch? That is the need you should satisfying at this moment. Is it a watch for your office needs? A sportsperson or anyone who needs to monitor their work out shall go for nothing less than a sports watch. For a date, you need a specialized watch.

The thing is each individual needs more than one watch. For instance, you need to wake up and work out in the gym,  after that, you might be going to the office, or for a date, vacation, family meeting, and such other functions. Therefore, you shall need a watch for each function, having a multipurpose watch shall save you a lot, however, you cannot survive on it alone.

Having about 4 watches for the different functions is a good idea. However, if you are just starting on your journey to finding your perfect watch, you might end up with up to 20+ watches in your wardrobe. Most of these watches shall remain unworn for a long time. However, you shall settle on the best, that which finds it's way into your wrist every time, that's your best! 

We're however not here to help you choose from 20 watches. Learning from experience is better than experience. Therefore, look for a watch for your work out, office&health, and casual functions. That's a total of four watches, if you need an extra touch, you can get a designer watch to flower things.

How Many Watches Do You Need - Conclusion   

You need just enough watches to make you comfortable in all expected occasions in life. A watch for the office, another for work out, for your health, and a casual one for related functions. If you need anything more than this, you can get an analog watch as a classy option. You have all the control over the number of watched you need? Remember, you are only limited by your needs and budget.

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