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Best Smart Watches In 2020

The world of tech seems to be going all pedal to the metal this millennium by gifting us with convenient gem after convenient gem.

One of the most awesome and revolutionary inventions so far is the smartwatch. They offer the perfect combination of style and convenient functionality, turning what was previously a 1-dimensional accessory into a do-it-all super device.

With so many options on the market today, it might be a little difficult for you to make up your mind on which is the best one for you. You have come to the right place.

In the sections below, you will learn more about one of the best options out there, the Apple Watch Series 5, as well as three other awesome alternatives and what they have to offer. That way you can make an informed decision.



Our Top Pick: The Apple Watch Series 5


 apple watch series 5


The Apple Watch Series 5 was released in September of 2019 and almost instantly secured itself a reputation as being one of the best smartwatches there was on the market.

This is largely due to the combination of perks like optimum functionality, unique aesthetics and overall versatility.

So what exactly are these features that make the Apple Watch Series 5 stand out?

Well, let’s start with the fact that it was one of the only smartwatches at the time to have an always-on function that meant your watch screen was always fired up and ready for use.

Then there are the multi-function capabilities with the watch serving as a heart rate monitor, a fitness tracker, a music interface, and a whole lot more including, of course, being an actual watch.

It is basically like having all the functions of an entire phone at the convenience of wrist access.

This smartwatch from Apple also stands out when it comes to construction and aesthetics. The best part is that it is customizable and you can choose everything from the materials used on the case to the color and design of the strap.

This is ideal if you are picky about visuals but would still love to enjoy the functional perks of this masterpiece.


This is without a doubt one of the best smartwatches you will find in 2020.

The versatility in terms of design and function definitely helps make it a great investment for anyone whether you are in the market for a digital personal assistant or a stylish fitness tracker.


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Top 3 Equally Good Alternatives


#1 The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


Samsung is right up there in terms of quality products with Apple so it comes as no surprise as its Watch Active model is one of the best alternatives to the Apple Smart Watch Series 5.

It is comparable to our top pick mainly in terms of functionality especially when it comes to using it as a fitness tracker.

It comes with a variety of features including distance trackers, a heart monitor as well as fitness app compatibility. Basically, you have a trainer on your wrist.

The watch, however, does not offer that much in terms of aesthetic versatility.

However, the simple round face and rubber straps offer their own subtly classy look and feel which makes it the perfect fit for the minimalist shopper.



#2 Amazfit Bip


Amazfit Bip

This is yet another smartwatch that is geared towards fitness monitoring functionalities with features like a heart rate monitor and the waterproof display.

However, this watch has a lot more to offer which makes a great alternative to the Apple Smart Watch Series 5 if versatility is a huge priority for you. One of the best features of the watch, in this case, is the fact that it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

It also has features similar to our top pick including the always-on screen function. The best part is the high capacity battery that offers weeks’ worth of power in the tune of 30 days from just a single 2.5-hour charge.

When it comes to aesthetics, this is a great alternative if you are really into the Apple Smart Watch aesthetic.

It features the same rectangular face and rubber strap design allowing you to enjoy the visual perks of the Apple option at a more affordable price.



#3 Fitbit Versa 2


Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit as a brand has become synonymous with the idea of high-quality smartwatches with their Versa 2 model being one of the best options currently available. And right off the bat one of the best features about it is its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

This watch takes fitness and lifestyle monitoring to a whole new level with features like blood oxygen saturation monitoring and sleep tracking.

These plus the other run off the mill fitness tracking options make it the ideal smartwatch if you are looking for a lifestyle monitoring companion.

When it comes to aesthetics, this model could actually give the Apple Smart Watch Series 5 a proper run for its money with the versatility it has to offer.

This is because the model also comes in a variety of face and case colors as well as strap materials, design, and colors.

The versatility offered in this case, therefore, guarantees that you will find the perfect design for you to enjoy both the functionality and aesthetics that this watch has to offer.



Bottom Line

It goes without saying that you need to take your time considering your features and specifications options when shopping for a smartwatch. This is what will determine whether or not your investment was actually worth it.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a great example of true value on investment with its combination of high tech specifications and its elegant design.

The other three are definitely worth considering if you want something different depending on your priorities.

Whatever you go with, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed by any of the four options we looked into today.

So think over it and consider all the facts and you should be able to find the perfect match.


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