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7 Tips on Matching Watches to Your Outfits

Men's fashion came a long way in the last century. During the 1900s, men reserved three-piece suits for business occasions. During the 1970s, collars, ties, and lapels became more popular. New trends emerge in the fashion industry all the time due to social media and influencers.

In 2020, TikTok became one of the most influential fashion platforms for men and women alike. But watches will always remain a fashion staple for men. In this article, we show you some tips on matching watches to your outfits. Watches are great accessories that can make your outfit more cohesive. Read on to learn the right styles for watches.

Types Of Watches

Men's watches come in a variety of styles. Having these five basic watch styles may allow you to find a watch for every occasion. Start building your watch collection today!

Dress Watches

Dress watches are better suited for formal occasions. These watches come with a plain white face and a simple black leather band. Dress watches generally have little to no complications.

Divers' Watches

Divers' watches or diving watches used to function as tools for work. Diving watches offer water-resistance of up to 100 meters at the bare minimum. These watches help divers calculate decompression stops and track their time underwater.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are more flexible for semi-formal occasions. Sports watches come in high-quality plastic composites. Many sports watches may offer features like compasses, GPS, pulse monitor, and more.

Pilot Watches

Flyer or pilot watches usually feature a dial design with a diameter of over 50 millimeters. Pilot watches come with large crowns that give users easy access when operating with gloves. These watches are accurate and easy to read.

Field Watches

In World War I field operations, infantrymen needed synchronized watches. Field watches are versatile types of watches meant for active duty. Most watches have a moderate size, white or green numerals, and a black dial.

Check out some of these watch styles. Building a collection can broaden your choices when selecting an outfit. Read on for a guide to matching watches to your outfits.

1. Follow Formality

While a staple fashion accessory, watches have specific purposes. When looking for an outfit for an occasion, consider the level of formality. For formal events like a black tie or white tie, keep your watches simple. Stay conservative by sticking to a simple dress watch. Find a classic leather band and a traditional plain face.

For a business event, go for a conservative but contemporary look. Consider matching a classic silver or gold watch with a small dial to your outfit. Try pairing a dark suit with a dive watch or a dress watch.

For business casual, you may try wearing a sports watch, a field watch, or even a pilot watch. For casual events, like outfits for parties, consider using watches with metal bands. Digital watches are best for casual outfits or working out.

For sports events, find a watch that is durable against intense physical activity. Find a watch with a protected dial, case, and strap.

2. Wear Leather With Leather

Wearing a leather watch with other leather elements in your outfit may make your outfit more cohesive. Find leather elements in your outfit and choose the right watch with a leather band. When choosing a watch with a leather strap, match the color of the leather.

3. Find Metal Complements

Metals to make a watch's case may include gold, silver, platinum, steel, and titanium. When choosing a metal watch, find a watch that complements other metal elements. Choose the right color to match other metals in your outfit.

Find a metal watch that complements your belt buckle, shoe buckle, or your cuff links. You may look for metals that have similar colors instead of matching them exactly. If your belt has a yellow gold buckle, you may wear a rose gold watch.

4. Choose an Heirloom Watch

Heirloom watches may bend a few rules in men's fashion. Many wear heirloom watches as a good luck charm or memento of a loved one. Some heirloom watches carry legacies.

Heirloom watches may serve as a great conversation started during special occasions. Many, if not all carry culture and family history. Besides a functioning timepiece, predecessors pass on their watches to the next generations.

5. Match Your Watch To Your Shoes

Matching your watch to your shoes is a great way for beginners to start matching watches to their outfits. Watches with black bands are for dressier occasions. Consider looking for a watch with interchangeable black and brown bands.
For more formal occasions, use a watch with a black leather band. When wearing shoes with black, blue, silver, and gray shades, opt for silver glasses. You may pair gold watches with beige, tan, brown, and other earthy tones.

6. Consider Using a Pocket Watch

For a vintage look, consider using a pocket watch. Pocket watches fit new classic trends or interpretations of a classic style. Pocket watches can be very versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Some may consider wrist watches inappropriate for formal events. A pocket watch gives you a more discreet way to check the time. A pocket watch can help you bend the rules of modern etiquette.

7. When To Wear a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are best paired with casual attire. Despite sleek designs from modern companies, smartwatches may not be suitable for formal events. If you prefer using a smartwatch, save it for casual outfits.

Start Matching Watches to Your Outfits Today

Watches are great accessories to have in your wardrobe. Choosing the right watch to match with your outfit can make the attire look more cohesive. Now you know some valuable tips for matching watches to your outfits!

Follow these tips for your next formal event. You may also use these for casual events like partying. There are many styles for watches, so ensure that you pick the best one.

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